Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arkadia Mining Chart with Mobs and Depths for Ores and Enmatters

Zone 1
Ores - Erdorium, Banite, Lyesterium, Kaz Stones, Ignisium, Caldorite Stone, Telfium Stone, Zulax Stone
Enmatters - Hydrogen Steam, Sweetstuff, Binary Fluid, Quil Sap, Edres Resin, Azur Pearls, Florican Mist, Somin Tar, Garcen Grease, Grow Molecules, Zolphic Oil
Mobs -
at NW Korwill (10240*30650) (L81 to L104)
at N Oturugi (12600*30000) (L26 to L33)
at NE Beladoth ( 14778*30500) (L31 to L35)

Zone 2
Ores - Wenrex Stone, Telfium Stone, Megan Stone, Hebredite Stone, Dianum, Lysterium, Quantium, Zinc, Banite, Kaz Stone, Erdorium, Yulerium Stone
Enmatters - Solis, Hydrogen Steam, Acid Root, Star Dust, Somin Tar, Typonolic, Pel Crystal, Edres Resin,

Zone 3
Ores - Lysterium Stone, Yulerium Stone, Aflerix Stone, Ospra Stones, Cooper, Megan
Enmatters - Hydrogen Steam, Zolphic Oil, Acid Root, Typonolic Steam, Pel Crystals, Somin Tar
Mobs -
at NW - Oratan (10000*13500) ( L31 to L65)
at SW - kamaldon ( 11500*11000) (L43 to 56)

Zone 4
Ores - Frigulite,Cooper, Lysterium, Banite Stones, Ignisium
Enmatters - Grow Molecules, Sweetstuff, Somin Tar, Zolphic Oil, Quil Sap, Oil, Hydrogen Steam, Solis Beans

Zone 5
Ores - Heavy Lysterium,
Enmatters - Dianthus, Energized, Solis

Zone 6
Ores - Xelo Haze
Enmatters - Megan, Lyst, Zulax Stone, Yulerium Stone
Mobs -

Zone 7
Ores - Lysterium, Telfium stone
Enmatters - Florican Mist, Zolphoc Oil, Quil Sap Dianthus, Oil, Somin Tar

Zone 8
Ores - Lysterium heavy,
Enmatters - Oil heavy, Star Dust,

Zone 9
Ores - Zinc , Kaz Stone, Narcanisum, Lysterium, Telfium Stone, Zulax Stone, Cooper, Yulerium Stone, Lidacon Stones, Veda Stones
Enmatters - Oil, Somin Tar
Mobs - Oro L6 to 9, Zadul L7 to 9


Arkadia Mining and Mob Chart

Ospra Stones @ 262 Meters using TT Finder
Ospra Stones @ 184 Meters using TT Finder
Ospra Stones @ 168 Meters using TT Finder
Somin Tar @ 229 Meter using Ziplex TK120
Telfium Stones @ 549 Meters using a 105 Finder
Telfium Stones @ 205 Meters using a 105 Finder
Telfium Stones @ 218 Meters using a TT Finder
Telfium Stones @ 580 Meters using Ziplex TK120
Velda Stones @153 Meters using TT finder
Zulax Stones @ 113 Meters using TT Finder
Zulax Stones @ 352 Meters using TT Finder
Zulax Stones @ 172 Meters using TT Finder


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